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Fruit & Vegetable Chips

Our chips are packed with a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables, including banana, jackfruit, sweet potato, lady finger and mushrooms and more

About us

Indonesia is a very fertile country and very rich in various types of plants from spices, fruits and vegetables.

From the potential of the area, those of us who live around volcanoes and volcanic environments are supported by lots of sunlight for more than 12 hours, which produces lots of natural nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, which are very beneficial for all of our health.

Since the beginning of 2000. we started producing fruit chips, we have successfully processed up to 20 types of fruit. Now we also produce all vegetable chips with proper processing without reducing the vitamin, nutrient and antioxidant content.

Our production capacity is around 80 tons per month and to date our products (fruit chips and vegetable chips) have spread to more than 15 countries.

We really hope to be able to market our products to all countries in the international world.

Why Choose Us

Highly nutritious

The processing process is guaranteed not to damage the original nutrition of the ingredients but still provides a crunchy texture.

Guaranteed quality.

The ingredients used are fresh ingredients and the process is carried out on a small scale so that quality is maintained.

Agroforestri Methods

Made from fresh fruit grown using agroforestry methods

Healthy coconut oil

Fried in coconut oil which is better for health.

Without Sugar

provides a natural sweet taste without added sugar

Our Product

Find the perfect combination of delicious taste and nutrition in our Fruit Chips for a more special snacking sensation.

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